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At Badger Ecology we offer a range of services centered around your needs.

Badger Surveys

Badger Ecology has overseen over 300 site surveys and can provide detailed, accurate land mapping for ecological studies, construction work and planning applications.

Planning Applications and Advice

We can offer expert guidance regarding all planning application needs, This includes badger licence requirements in many different projects, from conservation to construction.

Badger Sett Closure and Artificial Sett Construction

Where planning conditions require, we offer artificial badger sett construction and full sett closures under licence, across Wales and the UK. We have managed projects for housing associations, construction companies and architects, and can provide detailed advice, testimonials and full guidance on request.

Badger Vaccination

We provide badger vaccination programs for farms in Wales and throughout the UK, this is one of a range of measures which can help to reduce the risk of Bovine TB spreading between badgers and cattle. This involves surveying for badger activity and vaccinating badgers with BCG once a year.

Badger Bait-Marking Surveys and Tracking Studies

Bait marking surveys can be used to establish badger social group territories, which can be useful when surveying for planning purposes or providing farmers with bio-security guidance. We offer a range of surveys to suit all needs.

Project Management

Badger Ecology is able to project manage both small and large projects for clients across Wales and throughout the UK. We project managed the largest private sett survey in Wales covering over 280 farms, on 185 square kilometres of the Gower Peninsula. This work was successfully carried out on behalf of the Gower Vaccination Group LTD in 2017 and then followed up with a vaccination project in 2019.

Wildlife Surveys
Badger Ecology Ltd will soon be offering the following services:
PEA (Phase 1) Site surveys
PEA surveys for Construction
PEA Surveys for architects
Badger Vaccination Training

Badger Ecology offer Badger Vaccination Training courses. Contact us to find out more.

Badger Vaccination

It is common knowledge that the Eurasian Badger is a significant wildlife reservoir for Bovine TB (Mycobacterium bovis) in the UK. We currently work with farms in Wales and throughout the UK to provide a vaccination program as part of a package of biosecurity measures, which can help to reduce the risk of Bovine TB spreading between badgers and cattle.

Artificial Sett Construction & Sett Closure

Badger Ecology are experts in badger artificial sett construction and sett closure. Badgers and their setts are protected by the law which means it is illegal to kill, injure or take a badger. If a badger sett is near or on an area that requires development, a site survey is needed to plan for the potential movement or relocation of the badgers, under licence. Badger Ecology LTD are able to survey the site, discuss your requirements and submit an application with you for the closure of any badger setts if required.

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