Badger Sett closure & Sett construction

Badger Sett Closure and Artificial Sett Construction

Badger Ecology are experts in badger artificial sett construction and sett closure across Wales and the UK. Badgers and their setts are protected by the law which makes it is illegal to kill, injure or take a badger. If a badger sett is near or on an area that requires development, a site survey is needed to plan for the potential movement or relocation of the badgers, under licence. Badger Ecology LTD are able to survey the site, discuss your requirements and submit an application with you for the closure of any badger setts if required.

We have managed projects for housing associations, construction companies and architects,
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Sett construction

Following a thorough site survey and in consultation with the client, landowners and the local planning department, an artificial sett may need to be constructed. Badger Ecology LTD will help to locate a suitable site and design a new artificial sett, catering for the size and needs of the sett that is to be re-located. Artificial setts are normally situated on natural badger foraging paths to help with the integration process.  Artificial setts will also be baited to try to encourage the badgers to use the new sett. Badger Ecology LTD has a 100% success rate in integrating badgers to our artificial sett constructions.

Sett construction

One way doors are installed around badger holes when closing a sett under licence. Wire mesh is then put in place surrounding the sett entrances to discourage further digging.

Sett Closure

When closing a badger sett one way doors ensure that any badgers inside can exit the sett, but are unable to re-enter. Setts are monitored daily to ensure that no new attempts have been made by the badgers to re-enter the sett and any modifications made as necessary. Badger Ecology LTD prides itself on undertaking sett closures efficiently, in a cost-effective manner whilst adhering to all licence conditions.

Sett Closure

Fishguard Housing Development

“Really good work from Badger Ecology LTD, very professionally presented reports and really well executed sett construction and sett closure work, especially given the tight time constraints on the job. We thoroughly appreciate your hard and professional work on the Badger surveys and mitigation measures you carried out for us”.

Nick Cox – Director

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